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Year 8 Football Match v Ormiston- Match Report

Thursday kicked off the Year 8 football season, but it seemed some of our star players had been lured away on "international duty" in sunny Spain with Mrs. Askey and Mr. Horscroft. Consequently, Mr. Ahmed fielded a team of seven debutants against the formidable Ormiston Horizon, leaving the young lads feeling like they have been thrown straight into the deep end.

The initial 10 minutes looked like a crash course in defensive manoeuvres as Ormiston relentlessly attacked. Despite their valiant efforts, a penalty managed to sneak past our nearly-heroic goalkeeper, Josh. If that wasn't wild enough, Ormiston later scored a goal that seemed to have taken lessons from a pinball machine, bouncing off players and the post before finding the net.

But fear not, the Co-op crew found their footing, and amidst the storm, Alfatih set up a goal, neatly finished by Ahmed Khan. It wasn't enough, though, as Ormiston surged ahead, sealing the game at 6-1. Unfortunate luck facing Ormiston for our first match, but hey, we reckon if we'd been up against Man Utd, victory would've been ours!

So, head up Year 8! It's just game one, and there's a whole season of footy adventures ahead.

The team: 

Sev Ravuca, Kyro, Cain, Barty, Yahya, Ahmed K, Ahmed N, Armaan, Cole, Flavius, Josh, Yusuf, Alfathi, Mazen, Maazur, Efe and Man of the match Kyle ‘the pit bull’ Terris.