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Maths Olympics

On Friday 8th March, 4 brave students, Adam Dif, Qasim Ahmed, Luo Chen He and Rosalie Ellis embarked on the task to compete in the Maths Olympics finals against 10 other Co-op Academies.

Chocolate buttons were essential in keeping their brain power strong, starting every round with one each. Some were sceptical of the impact however that soon changed. 

The day started with an intense group round consisting of 15 challenging problems, worth 60 points. Led by their leader, Luo Chen, they devised an impressive strategic plan. Organisation, teamwork and resilience were key. Adam remarked how Luo Chen was able to swoop in at the last 10 seconds and answer the final question. They ended the round with a powerful start of 52 points. 

Next came the rally race, which was again perfectly planned out. Grouped into pairs, they raced against all the other teams. Working in pairs was difficult as they needed to be supportive of each other but still persevere in getting their own tasks done. Nevertheless, yet again, they finished strongly.


Then came the logic round, where a few were worried they may fall, they managed to come out on top with a full score of 50 points. However, one year 8 was 700 metres off the height of the mountain Ben Nevis, mentioning no names. 

Lunch was the biggest struggle, Adam wrestled with the packaging of his baguette, Rosalie had a mountain of blueberries (not as high as Ben Nevis though), Qasim struggled to enjoy his cheese sandwich over the thought of others eating tuna and Luo Chen just enjoyed the pomegranate.


Their fatal error left them worried, not knowing if they had done enough, yet, chocolate buttons in hand, they faced their final challenge. A final round of 60 points. Miss Rashid found it strenuous to keep up with the sheer speed they were completing the questions. At some points, questions were done during the journey from the front of the room to halfway to their table. Yet again, they managed to secure 54 points.

Then came the results. Adam, still tender from his disappointment from his last competition, was hoping for the top 10. 

But, through all their hard work, determination, enthusiasm and tenacity, they made themselves, their academy and Miss Rashid proud. They came first in the group task and second overall, short by only 3 points!! 

Staff from other academies went out of their way to explain how smart, polite and well-mannered they were. 

As massive well done to our silver medal winning team, and thank you to Ms Rashid and Mr Naeem for all the work to ensure our students were able to achieve this success.