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Transition From Primary

We have an excellent transition programme that ensures all students that are coming to the Academy feel happy, feel safe, and feel confident being in the Academy.

Our Transition model at the Academy is based on 4 areas of strength: Teacher-Led transition, Student-Led Transition, both Teacher and Student-Led transition and many opportunities to visit the Academy on transition Days. We have very strong links with our partner primary schools and schools start visiting the Academy in Year 3 to undertake Transition projects.

'The excellent transition programme at Co-op Academy Stoke-on-Trent has ensured a smooth and effective move for all our pupils.'

Mrs Hewitt, Vice Principal at Saint Nathaniel's Academy

Projects include the following…

  • Numeracy & Literacy Master Classes are held weekly for pupils.
  • The Co-op Young Leaders support, plan and deliver after-school clubs at partner primary schools.
  • Pupils participate in numerous lessons, including ICT, Science, Music, Spanish, Maths, Literacy STEM projects and Accelerated Readers
  • Pupils have opportunities to participate in sports festivals, team-building days, cycling days and World Book days.
  • Pupils enjoy our Annual Christmas Party for Year 3 children and Pantomime visits.
  • Arts & Book evenings where parents can meet and chat with other parents and Year 5/6 Discos for the new pupils to meet new classmates.

“I was worried about starting at the Academy at first but all of the extra transition visits really made me feel happy and I became excited about starting at the academy.”

Hiba, Year 8


Student Led Transition

There is great support for primary school clubs led by The Co-op Young Leaders, on a weekly basis leading and delivering Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 sports clubs after school-based at primary schools.

Literacy clubs/Phonics Clubs for primary schools delivered by The Co-op Young Leaders based at primary schools.

STARS classes for primary students led by CYL and targeted at pupil premium students in primary schools, after school.

Science club for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 delivered and planned by Co-op Young Leaders.

Dance Clubs led by the Sports Leaders.

Teacher Led Transition

Friendly Faces Programme is where former primary school teachers of current Year 7 visit the Academy and undertake learning walks and spend either the morning or afternoon seeing the current Year 7 students in their new setting.

Literacy provision leading to a Year 5-8 curriculum; Literacy Primary Group met termly to establish group; Literacy learning walks; English teachers visiting primary on a two weekly basis to work in classes in literacy lessons. Literacy two weekly programmes of visits from primary schools.

  • Numeracy provision working towards Year 5 -8 curriculum currently 4 schools come in on a fortnightly basis with Year 5/6 students; Maths staff offering Gifted and Talented or booster classes.
  • Spanish Lessons are delivered on a weekly basis by Academy teaching staff and are supported by our Modern Foreign languages Leaders
  • Music lessons at the academy for Key Stage 2 on a fortnightly basis-link to curriculum themes eg samba drumming for Rio Olympics theme.
  • Online safety training for primary school staff at CAS.
  • Gifted and Talented coordinators transition work with primary staff/Learning Walks/Sharing SOWs n GRIDS for learning.
  • Extended SEN support May – July for students needing extra support, on a weekly basis visit academy and work with other primary classes.
  • SEN/CIN meetings for new intake held with staff and agencies in May.

Student and Teacher Led Transition

Pupils are taught ICT programmes such as Scratch/Kodu/Python for Years 3-5 delivered on a fortnightly basis by subject staff and CYLs –parents are often invited to work with students in the lesson.

Reading Buddies/ Accelerated Readers: We support partner primaries with the setting up of accelerated readers and schools come to the academy on a weekly basis to participate in the programme now rolled out to Year 3 in some schools.

We also organise…

  • An annual Christmas Party for Year 3 pupils and Pantomime day party run by our Co-op Young Leaders.
  • Literacy and Activity days for primary schools, specifically targeting Year 5, hosting Year 5 Activity days- teambuilding/sports festivals/ ICT/literacy led by CYL.
  • Literacy programmes based on KS2/3 curriculum eg Kensuke’s Kingdom Funny Bones.

Transition Projects 

Transition activities are often based on themed projects such as Big Music Share Concert whereby the Transition co-ordinator will work with many agencies and schools to pull together a project. Big Music Share took place in February 2018 and was supported by City Music Trust and Lichfield Cathedral School. Cathy Lamb the Director of Lichfield Cathedral School spent a half term delivering music lessons across a number of primary schools and the culmination of all the lessons was a Music Share concert held at our academy.

Spanish Taster days have been a great success where students in Years 4, 5 and 6 who are learning a new language for the first time have the opportunity to spend the afternoon at the Academy participating in lessons delivered by staff but also gaining a flavour of the country they are learning about. Taster Food is served in the afternoon and everyone gets into the spirit and the culture of that country.

Annual Themed World Book day for primary schools is held every March and pupils are invited to dress up and participate in literacy-based activities in our Learning Resource Centre. Previous themes have included: Dragon themed/ Winnie the Pooh/Alice in Wonderland.

Other transition projects have included Charity Football events with Stoke City, Manchester United and Port Vale football clubs all in attendance. Transition Bike Rides for Years 5/6 students coming to the Academy Transition Biking afternoon.

In July the academy hosts two days of formal transition, including a parent information evening and a Be the Best – Graduation Assembly with parents.