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Vision and Values

As an academy, our mission is a simple one: Empowering everyone to reach their potential and be the best.


In order to achieve our mission, we aim to become a great academy by delivering:
  • Great learning
  • Great support
  • Great experience



Strategic Drivers

  1.  Leadership
  2.  Quality learning
  3.  Curriculum opportunities
  4.  Monitoring and support
  5.  Academy environment, systems and processes.
  6.  Targeted professional development
  7.  Praise and reward culture for staff and students.
  8.  Collaboration and partnerships



All of this is based upon the values of Co-op Group which will inform our behaviours.

Self-help; Self-responsibility; Democracy; Equality; Equity; Solidarity.


Co-op Ways of Being

Values are demonstrated in the Co-op ways of being:

Do what matters most
  • What matters most is ensuring that our students achieve the best possible outcomes.
  • We make a positive difference to our children through showing exemplary professional behaviours.
Be yourself, always
  • We bring our best self to work, so that we each contribute a bit of our own unique Co-op difference, and respect others for doing the same.
  • We understand that we are all unique and bring our own strengths to work.
Show you care
  • We care about our Co-op, our colleagues, our members, our students, their parents and communities, now and for the future.
  • Our focus remains on doing our best for our children.
Succeed together
  • Co-operating is what makes us different; we’re better and stronger when we work together.
  • We recognise that what we achieve is achieved together. 


Our Co-op Commitment

We are part of the Co-op Academies Trust, a group of academies united by the values underpinning the co-operative movement; self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity.

Our sponsors work with us to support the Academy in making key decisions and in improving standards for everyone. Representatives from the Co-op sit alongside parents/carers, staff and other members of our governing body.

What makes our Trust unique is that we are sponsored by the Co-op Group. That close relationship means that we benefit from all of the business expertise that has seen the Co-op grow to one of the most respected, successful businesses in the country.

Popular with students, parents and teachers, the Trust began in 2010 with just two academies. One in Manchester and one in Stoke-on-Trent. Two years later, in 2012, we began to work with a cluster of academies in Leeds and by 2014 we had five academies in Leeds; made up of one secondary and four primary academies. Pragmatic in our approach to growth we worked closely and co-operatively to improve all of our academies. Improving results and impressive Ofsted inspections lead to schools requesting to join our Trust.

In 2018, as the Trust reached twelve academies, the Co-op Group invested £3.6million into the academies programme. Its ambition was to move to 40 schools, educating up to 40,000 young people in the north of England by 2022.

In 2020 the Trust reached 26 academies across three hubs.

The CEO of the Trust is Chris Tomlinson.

The address of the Trust is:
1 Angel Square Manchester M60 0AG Company registration number: 07747126

The Co-operative Group

The Co-op’s commitment to education is nothing new, when the co-operative movement started in the mid-nineteenth century, it provided educational activities for members and their families. To this day, education is one of the underpinning principles of the movement globally.

The Co-op has a clear purpose of “championing a better way of doing business for you and your communities”. It is owned and governed by its members and membership is open to everyone who shares the Co-op values and principles.

We show these values by working together for everyone’s benefit, and playing a full part in the community. As an ethical leader, The Co-op exists not just to serve its communities but to help them live their best lives.